Funny Clips

This page is a gallery of some of my favorite Halo Reach Fails. If you don’t have time to watch one of my montages, this is a great spot to come to for a few quick laughs.

Warthog beats Wraith… without a gunner! – Who says you need a weapon to take down a Wraith?

Double Spawn Fail – If I jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? Oh….

Forklift WinBeing a jerk with a forklift sure can be fun 🙂

Double Vehicle Kill from the GraveI’m going down, but I’m taking a Scorpion and a Banshee down with me!

Teamwork FailSome players just work better alone.

Sticky Fail Wow….. just…. wow.

Fusion Core WinHmmm…… Tough turn.

Brute Fail These guys are scary…. not!

Rocket FailBetter luck next time.

Hit and Run“I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiing…………!”

Achievement FailSo close…

Forge FailLeave map-making to the professionals.

Sneak Attack FailFALCON PUNCH!!!

Reinforcement FailDidn’t see that one coming!

Drop Shield FailWhat a douchebag 🙂

Bad StickSome teams need to work on their communication.

WTF?This makes no sence…

Owned – Totally, completely owned.

SWAT Ninja – I told you not to turn around…

Rocket Reflection – Didn’t see that one coming!

Lemmings – If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

Sweet Revenge – Revenge never tasted so sweet!

Drop Pod Win – …and I was worried about the Hunter…

Grunt vs Elite – Never underestimate a Grunt…

Jet Pack Fake-out – *FACEPALM!*

Rocket Snipe From Downtown!

Ninja Mongoose Wax on, wax off.

Funny SplatterIt’s not safe to leave your door.

Hijack Fail I get hijacked and lasered at the same time, and walk away victorious.

Charge!!!Mongoose plays chicken with a fleet of Warthogs.

Mongoose BetrayalAlways look both ways before crossing…

Bubble Shield WinPure luck.

Lucky GhostNever tell me the odds.

Bad Throw Make a bad throw, suffer the consequences.

Warthog Bump Be careful where you jump!