Welcome to the Waypoint Community Modcast; a podcast dedicated to the Halo games and universe. Hosted by the Waypoint Community Leaders, we cover all the latest Halo related news, hot topics from the Waypoint forums, and any other random stuff we feel like talking about.



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Waypoint Community Modcast Episode Listing

Don’t forget to check out DayandKnightly’s “Modcast Bulliten” articles on his site: ReactiveBias.wordpress.com!


5 Responses to Podcasts

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  3. K. Armstrong (Gunfigter100) says:

    I would like to submit a possible discussion topic for the next Halo Modcast. In modcast_ep6 GrimBrother One mentioned that he thought Atlas might be for Reach what Firefight was for ODST, a test of a new concept before they decide to include it in a new game. I would like to know if any of the news we have heard has changed or modified this idea and where the mods think Atlas may be headed, if anywhere.

  4. martin curley says:

    i like how you build your buildings i am learning to build them and i am going to try making them my gamertag is MartinCurley22.

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