Playtime Episodes

Every single episode of the hit machinima series “Playtime” all in 1 spot:

This page will be updated to include each new episode of Playtime as they are released. Check back often!

Playtime Season 4

Playtime S4E8: Moment of Truth [Series Finale]

Playtime S4E7: Mano-a-Mano

Playtime S4E6: Expectations

Playtime S4E5: The Forest for the Trees

Playtime S4E4: The Duel

Playtime S4E3: Glove Slap

Playtime S4E2: Customer Service

Playtime S4E1: The Hero

Playtime “Castle”


Playtime “Forge Island”


Playtime “Majestic”


A Playtime Christmas


Season 3

Playtime S3E10: The Return Home

Playtime S3E9: Man Cannon 2.0

Playtime S3E8: Jailbreak

Playtime S3E7: Arrival

Playtime S3E6: Flashback – Part 2

Playtime S3E5: Flashback – Part 1

Playtime S3E4: The Store

Playtime S3E3: The Search Begins

Playtime S3E2: Imprisonment

Playtime S3E1: Payback

Season 2

Playtime S2E4: Showdown

Playtime S2E3: The Morning After

Playtime S2E2: Sweet Dream

Playtime S2E1: Up in the Sky

Season 1

Playtime S1E4: Armor Locked

To watch “Armor Locked” with audio commentary, click here.

Playtime S1E3 3: The Grif Cannon

To watch “The Grif Cannon” with audio commentary, click here.

Playtime S1E2: Crash Course

To watch “Crash Course” with audio commentary, click here.

Playtime S1E1: Training Day

To watch “Training Day” with audio commentary, click here.

Visit for the complete series, trailers, news, and announcements!

“Playtime” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.


18 Responses to Playtime Episodes

  1. Rudement fascinant : mon petit οigt me dit que ce post devait
    intéresser mon ami

  2. Pingback: Playtime Season 4 Screen Test: Dungeon Tower | CruelLEGACEY Productions

  3. lol Lopez from RvB!!! love it

  4. mollymax6869 says:

    awsome vids, could i get those maps xbl: hordys8096 🙂 i carnt wait for next episode

  5. Haha I love funny machinimas! I’m questioning my action take on the machinima I’m making now 😦
    Whatever… Maybe I’llget a chance to make a second one a while later?

  6. Ryan Giguere says:

    can i get those maps??
    im yoda ryan on xbl

  7. doombringer says:

    playtimes over!
    man, but it was good while it lasted 🙂

  8. Jose says:

    dude the show is awesome

  9. bray says:

    thats awesome but can some one tell me how and wat u need to make halo videos and how to put youre voice in it

  10. Andrew says:

    awsome show dude cant wait for episode two and how did you get permision to use lopez

  11. Smiley362 says:

    The next Red vs. Blue maybe. 🙂

    • jackerdoom says:

      Needs more episodes to be like redvsblue and no offense because i love itbut i most likely never will be the next redvsblue if he does it by himself

  12. iAntoineV says:

    Very nice machinima 🙂 . I’m waiting for the next episode !

  13. Congrats on Playtime dude. It is an awesome series.

  14. David says:

    Hey its me, SharpShtr288 (from reviews) and i freaking love your new mini-series, thanks for the heads up on XBL, i cant wait for the next installment! keep up the amazing work

  15. Miguel says:

    can’t wait for play time to air. i have just watched the trailers and it seems really good

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