Playtime is an original machinima series filmed using Halo Reach.

It follows 2 friends; Warren and Cobra. Before charging off into battle, Cobra asks Warren to help teach him a thing or two. Warren, being a good friend, is happy to help. Each episode covers a new portion of Cobra’s training.

Playtime is a CruelLEGACEY Production. Each episode is made 100% by me alone. The writing, music, voice work, forge construction….. I even controlled both characters at the same time with a controller in each hand!

Visit for the complete series, trailers, news, and announcements!


6 Responses to Playtime

  1. er says:

    when are you going to make seson 3 i want to see what happens because i have bean waiting months after months and i just cant take not seeing your shows.

  2. Brandon Paz says:

    I really like ya’s video’s they made me laugh:)

  3. nathaniel says:

    i have a cool map for you cruel legacy me and my friend IX L35T3R XI spent 3 hours making a map for playtime season 3 i would like to show you you dont have to insert it just please have a look atleast

  4. SMGxShad0wX says:

    By I would like to be part of playtime season 3 with u because it’s a really cool series for me so yeh just email me when u see this

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