Mythic Guide – Oni Sword Base


Let me get this out of the way, right from the start. Anyone who wants to get through Oni Sword Base on Mythic should head over to and check out Tyrant’s Mythic Guide. They are by far the most in depth and helpful Halo Reach Mythic guides available.

Having just read that, you might now be asking yourself “So, why should I bother watching CruelLEGACEY’s Mythic guide?”. Fair question, and I’ve got a good answer for you too. Tyrant is a Mythic pro. He knows the Halo Reach Campaign inside and out. He makes Mythic look easy.  As my video guide demonstrates, I do NOT make Mythic look easy. I screw up constantly, I run out of ammo where I really shouldn’t, I spend an obscene amount of time trying to bang my way through encounters before realizing I’ve missed an obvious side-route, etc. In other words, I am not a Mythic pro….. yet I still make it through!

There are a lot of players out there who simply find Mythic too intimidating to give it a try. My guide is proof that given enough patience and planning, Mythic can be conquered by just about anyone.

So let’s get started!

Part 1: A Rough Start

Part 1 of my Oni Mythic Guide covers the initial push through the courtyard, the dreaded “2 Wraith” encounter, and the push towards the anti-air gun on the cliff edge.

This missions starts out H-A-R-D. You are confronted with a courtyard full of grunts, jackals, and 4 Elite Ultras. Your general approach to the courtyard is to use the height advantage of the platforms to the left and right, and slowly pick off the lesser Covenant before focusing on the Elites. A strategy I found myself continuously using was to watch Kat, and switch sides based on where she was at any given time. Kat herself does very little damage, but she can be quite useful when it comes to drawing the enemies’ attention. For example. if Kat pushes up on the right hand side, rotate over to the upper left walkway, until you’re at an angle that lets you see around the Jackals’ shields. Any Grunts trying to take cover will be worried about hiding from Kat, and will often leave themselves exposed to your position.

Once all the cannon fodder is out of the way, shift your focus to the Elites. Use the “Plasma Pepper” technique to burn through their shields, then finish them off with a headshot. I like to take out the Concussion Rifle Elite first, since he’s the greatest threat. Just take it slow through this encounter, and as you round the corner down the ramp (towards the Skirmishers). Always stay well behind Kat, make use of the cover, and use ‘hit-and-run’ tactics to slowly push through.

The next major hurdle you’ll encounter is a little area I like to call “O MY GAWD THERE’S 2 FREAKIN’ WRATHS TRYIN’ TA KILL MEEEEE!!!!”. Of course, you want to pick up the Target Locator from the garage area before taking on the Wraiths, but I would suggest you fight the temptation to pick up the Armor Lock. As attractive as a moment of invincibility may seem, I find the extra mobility that Sprint allows you is actually far more useful in this encounter. Target Locator in hand, you want to slowly edge your way to the crest of the hill, until you can just barely see one of the Wraiths. Nail it with the TL, then run back behind cover. Much to my horror, I discovered that a Wraith on Mythic can sometimes survive a blast from the Target Locator, so be prepared to use both TL rounds on one Wraith…. just make sure you hit the same Wraith with both shots!

After destroying one of the Wraiths, you’re going to clear out the rest of the infantry from the area,  dodging fire from the second Wraith the entire time. Pay attention to where the Grunts are when you kill them; you’re going to need their Plasma Pistols. Only after all the infantry is dead should you move forward towards the remaining Wraith. The goal here is to take control of the Wraith, without damaging it in the process. There are a few possible approaches here… in the video, you can see the hilarious game of “cat and mouse” that I play with the Elite driver before I finally dispatch him. If you can’t get the Elite to climb out of the Wraith on his own, then board it from the front and smash it a couple times with your fist: just enough to knock the hatch off the top. Once that’s done, you want to jump off the Wraith, then get back on top of it ‘manually’, so you can stand on the Elite’s head and smack him until he dies. This will preserve the Wraith’s “health”, giving you a big advantage going into the next area.

From here, the mission gets a little easier for a while. Take command of the Wraith and head towards the anti-air gun. You will encounter some light resistance, including a couple Ghosts. The only trick here is to take things very slowly. Use the Wraith’s range to your advantage by nailing targets from a distance before they are able to fire back. Once you get to the anti-air gun, park the Wraith and start bombing plasma shells down on the bunker and the surrounding area. There’s a lot of infantry in this encounter, but you can take most of them out without them getting close enough to take a shot at you. The number 1 danger in this encounter is the Plasma Cannon-wielding Elite on the roof of the bunker. He will take down your Wraith in no time if he gets a lock on you, so stay the heck away from him.

It’s around this time that a drop ship swoops down with Covenant reinforcements. Want to see how to deal with them? Watch Part 2 of my video guide!

Part 2: The Journey Home

Part 2 is all about vehicles! This video will take you from the encounter at the anti-air gun, across the valley to the comm array, and back to the Sword Base garage.

As the Phantom drop ship passes overhead, you get a chance to take out the enemy reinforcements in one glorious shot… which I missed completely. If you’re lucky, you can nail both Ghosts just as they fall from the underside of the Phantom, but be ready to haul ass out of there, just in case you miss (like I did…. ugh). You don’t want to put your Wraith in a situation where it is taking sustained fire from 1 Ghost, much less 2! Back off, and take them down from a safe distance. Once all enemies on the ground are eliminated, there’s nothing left to worry about except that pesky Elite General with the Plasma Launcher on the roof of the bunker. Some other guides suggest moving in on foot to take him out in close quarters, but the mere thought of attempting that terrifies me. Instead, I suggest strafing your Wraith up the hill to the left. The elevation you gain will give you a much better angle to rain death and destruction upon the general, until he is inevitably crushed under your mighty heel. Again, just remember to keep your distance… if you hear his Plasma Launcher charging up, it may already be too late!

Once the area is clear and you have activated the anti-air gun, it’s time to head to the comm array. Ignore Kat’s advice about the Warthog; jump back in the Wraith and retrace your steps back towards the garage. Continue past the garage and you’ll find yourself moving along a narrow path beside the lake as you approach the Comm Array. When you can see the 2 buildings that make up the Comm Station, stop. Inch your way forward, keeping your eyes peeled for the Revenant (Mini Wraith). As soon as you see it, blast the heck out of it with your Wraith’s main cannon. The far building (the one containing the generator switch) is filled with a cluster of Covenant infantry, so just take your time, keep your distance, and make it rain until they’re all worm food.  Move in to the building, re-stock on health and ammo, then hit the generator switch.

The moment you activate the generator, another Spirit drop ship will move in with reinforcements. Stay inside until the Spirit has flown off, or else you run the risk of getting blasted by it’s main turret. A group of skirmishers and grunts will come pouring out of the drop ship, most of which run into the building containing the Comm switch. You could jump back into the wraith to deal with them, but I find them a little too quick for that. Stay out on foot and use your Wraith as cover while you pick them off from long distance with your DMR. Then move into the other building and hit the 2nd switch.

At this point, a Pelican shows up and delivers a Gauss Hog. We’ll make good use of it, but not yet!. Get back in your Wraith and backtrack towards the garage again. You’ll come up against a fair amount of vehicular opposition as you make your way back to Sword Base. Just take it slow, and engage your enemies from long range. Don’t give them the chance to fire back at you. Once you’ve cleared all enemies between the Comm Array and the garage, go back to the Comm Array, give your Wraith a big farewell kiss, and jump into the Gauss Hog that will still be sitting there. Backtrack again, until you arrive at the garage doors with your sparkling-new Warthog.

This is where things start to get tricky again. As you open the garage doors, you’ll find a cluster of enemies waiting for you on the ramp that leads back up to Sword Base. Position your Gauss Hog inside the garage so that you get a good firing angle on the Covenant troops, then take control of the cannon and let ’em have it!

Sounds simple, right? Well, if you watch my video, you’ll see that there is one stubborn Elite that just refuses to let me kill him. Every time I hit him with the cannon, he retreats back behind cover. I tried all sorts of different approaches and positioning to try and lure him out, but couldn’t get anything to work. Eventually, I pushed up just far enough that Kat got off her butt and took the fight to him. While Kat engaged him, I was able to jump back into the Gauss cannon and finish him off.

Part 3: Wait, you want me to go in there?!

We’re in the final stretch now! Just a little bit farther, and you’re a member of the Mythic Hall of Fame!

With the ramp clear, you’ll need to get the Warthog over the concrete barriers so that you can drive it right up to the actual base itself. Use the cannon to blow the corners off the barriers, and slam your Hog into the gap until you’re able to wedge your way over. Be careful as you get back into the courtyard; there is sometimes one more Elite lurking around. The Gauss cannon will make short work of him. Just don’t let him get close.

With the courtyard clear, move the Warthog slowly down the ramp into the underground entrance. Move the Hog forward until you can just barely see the 2 HUNTERS just hanging out, waiting for something to obliterate. Once you get one in your sights, unload on it with the Gauss Hog. As long as you’re hitting it with every shot, it will be too stunned to fire back. Just be careful that you don’t draw the attention of the 2nd Hunter in the process. Each Hunter can take over a dozen Gauss shots to kill, but you should be able to drop them without too much trouble.

Don’t relax just because the hunters are out of the way! There’s still an Elite with a few Grunt followers running around in the small room leading to the elevator. Let Kat go in and scatter them, then use the Gauss Cannon to mop them up. Move into the elevator, and use the ride up to pray for you life.

As the elevator doors open, you will find yourself in the Sword Base reception area. Of all the encounters in the entire mission, this is the one that can go bad the fastest. One misstep and you’re toast. Now, it isn’t actually that difficult, but it can be so time consuming that many players will try to rush things. That’s when mistakes happen.

In front of you is a long hall that turns to the right. At the end of the hall are a few Grunts, and an Elite with a Concussion rifle. The problem is you have very little room to maneuver, and even less cover. Remember back to the beginning of the mission, the way you would let Kat move forward, stay to the opposite side of her and behind her? Do the same thing here. She will draw a lot of fire from the Concussion Elite, and you don’t want any stray shots to get past her and hit you. If she goes left, you stay right. When she goes right, you switch to the left side, and always behind her. This will keep the concussion fire as far away from you as possible. While you’re hanging back, take out the Grunts with your DMR. Just don’t get too distracted by aiming at the Grunts… always pay attention to where Kat and the Elite are.

Once all the Grunts are dead, Kat will start to push forward. Be extra careful here. The Elite will sometimes retreat back and to your right, out of view around the corner. When this happens, Kat just seems to forget about him. She stands there tapping her foot, waiting for you to move forward. If this happens, slowly inch forward, hugging the right hand wall, and carefully peek around the corner until you catch a glimpse of the Elite waiting for you. Toss a grenade to get his attention, and immediately retreat back towards the elevator. This will hopefully re-spark the combat between Kat and the Elite. As they exchange fire, slowly work your way back up the right side wall. What you are waiting for is a chance to assassinate the Elite. Eventually, he will run from right to left in front of you to get close to Kat. When this happens, move in behind him and show him how much you care.

You’re now into Sword Base proper. As the doors in front of you slide open, you will see most of Noble Team trying to clear the main hall of Covenant forces. A cluster of Jackals are on the main floor to your left, as well as an Elite. Deal with the Jackals first, since they are the ones advancing forward. Just like the early portion of the mission, you can let your squad draw their fire, forcing them to angle their shields away from you. Make them pay for their mistake.

The Elite in the main hall gave me a lot of trouble. I was dangerously low on ammo, and with no safe way to take him out I decided to avoid him and hope everything would work out.  Move from the doorway we’ve been using for cover to the other door directly opposite you. As you head up the short ramp, there will be a couple Grunts just to your left. Stay quite, and they won’t even notice you. Sneak up on them and finish them off.

Move through the corridor into the “Yellow Lift” room, where Noble Team is now in a standoff with Covenant troops up the ramp from their position. If, like me, you were unable to kill the Elite that was running around the main level, he will now join the troops waiting for you at the top of the ramp. Stay as far back as you can and try to pick off some of the lesser infantry from a safe distance. There is no safe way to move up the ramp that Nobe Team is facing, but there is another ramp down and to the right that will lead you to a ‘back entrance’.

Make a dash out of the Yellow Lift room, down and to the right, and creep your way up the back ramp. Poke your head around the corner into the room filled with Covenant troops, and chuck a grenade at their feet. Then turn around and retreat as fast as you can. You’re not going to clear the room this way, but attacking them from such close range will trigger your Noble Teammates to push up the ramp and engage the Covenant up close. Let noble do most of the work, but don’t hesitate to sneak in through the back door and assassinate any enemies that leave their backs turned.

Next, we’re going to cheat. That’s right, you heard me. From the room you are now in, you can proceed through the doorway that leads to the side-rooms and eventually to the next ramp leading to the upper levels. OR, you can move to the outer edge of the room (the open side that looks out to the main hall), and jump onto the window ledge that runs the length of the hall. ending at the same ramp we want to get to. The difference between the 2 routes? Running along the window ledge de-loads all remaining enemies from the rest of the hall. That’s right… the Jackal reinforcements on the top level, the Concussion Rifle-wielding Elite General waiting by the exit…. GONE. Hey, why make this more difficult than it needs to be, right? Head along the window ledge and up through the rest of the main hall, until you get to the doorway with the rocket launcher on the ground next to it.

We’re one last step away from victory! 1 more room to go!!!

The room in front of you contains 2 Jackals, and 2 pain-in-the-butt in-freakin-visible Elites. Deal with the Jackals first. They are immediately to your right as you enter the room. I suggest that you take on the Jackals without actually entering the final room. Use the doorway for cover, and shoot their hands and feet as they edge their way around to face you. You can always use grenades or rockets to finish them off. If you decide to use rockets, be extra careful. People blow themselves up with rocket launchers all the time, and that’s when they have a reticule.

All that’s left now are the 2 invisible Elites. They will stay mostly towards the “back” of the room, which is now exposed to the outdoors thanks to the Covenant’s ‘remodeling’. One of the Elites will stay towards the back-right, amongst the crates. The other will move back and fourth along the little hall along the side of the room. If you can, use the Plasma Pepper technique to drop their shields. Remember that invisible Elites have far weaker shields than other Elites, so burning through their shields shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re not having luck with the Plasma Pistol/DMR combo, than you can again try the rocket launcher. Just be aware of how risky it can be!

Once the Elites are down, there’s nothing left to do other than take out the Covenant aircraft assaulting the base. If you wait long enough, Emile will actually do all the work for you, but why let him have all the fun?! Take out the Banshees, bombard the Phantom, and sweet sweet victory is yours!


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