The Ascendant Tower

In many ways, making my own machinima series is the ultimate combination of all the things I love to do in Halo. In particular, I love having the ability to incorporate forge work directly into the show by creating the various locations and sets.

In Playtime Season 2 we see a wide range of different locations within forge world. We also get to see the show’s primary set-piece: The Ascendant Tower.

Rising high above the peak of Paradiso Island, the Ascendant Tower is a massive structure that is featured prominantly in Playtime Season 2. It represents over 50 hours of forge work on my part, with a carefully balanced design that is both visually striking and functional within the story of Playtime.

At the center of the tower lies some sort of temple. The exact purpose of  the temple is still unknown, but its visual beauty is undeniable. Built around the natural landscape of Paradiso Island, the Temple contains a large platform or altar which also functions as a gravity-lift to the tower’s upper balcony.

The Ascendant Tower’s upper balcony looks out at the surrounding landscape from a dizzying altitude. It is believed that the balcony is used for some sort of sacred service, although it could also be used as a tactical lookout for military purposes. The only way back down from the balcony is through one of two teleportation doorways.

See the Ascendant Tower in action in Playtime Season 2.

You can also download The Ascendant Tower here.


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