Legacy Racetrack

CruelLEGACEY Productions presents the Legacy Racetrack!

To this day, I have a vivid memory of the first time I jumped into a Warthog and drove across Blood Gulch in a frantic race to reach the enemy base. Bouncing along those hills and burrs just never gets old! My love for those moments is exactly what inspired me build the Legacy Racetrack.

I wanted to create a track that takes the natural terrain of Forge World and pushes it into the spotlight. There were several key pieces of terrain that I wanted to feature in the track. The challenge became connecting them together in a way that flowed naturally as drivers made their way around the course.

Since many sections of the course are fairly wide, I decided to use some narrow bridges and platforms for some of the inter-connections. This allows drivers to spread out as they find their own route across the hills and bumps of the natural sections of the course, while the connections act as bottlenecks to funnel the drivers back together. This creates some intense crunches and interesting passing opportunities. While the bridges are narrow, I made sure to build them wide enough to allow passing to take place, so drivers are never locked into position.

There are also several short branching paths throughout the track. The track never splits for more than a few seconds… just long enough to add some strategic elements to choosing your racing line, and can create some interesting passing opportunities. Legacy is definitely a track that keeps you on your toes lap after lap. There aren’t any devilishly challenging turns or passes, but there is enough subtlety to finding your optimal racing line that you won’t master the track after only a few laps.

Visually, the highlight of Legacy is the massive SkyBridge that dominates the skyline. This speedway is often a point of intense passing as drivers make the final approach back down to Paradiso Island, and the end of the race.

Legacy’s size makes it perfect for large groups of drivers. 8-16 player races are ideal.

Finally, I would like to thank RevDrumzilla, Ziiamm, Timothy, the Shackers, and everyone from Forge Hub and XForgery who helped test this map over, and over, and over, and over……. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Legacy supports 1-16 players, and the “Race” game mode.

Download Legacy Racetrack

Legacy Test Lap Video