Highlands Death Race

Welcome to Highlands….. start your engines, and prepare to get blown up!

[Download Highlands Death Race custom map]

[Download “Death Race” custom game mode]

Highlands is a map that is built from the ground up for driving. The terrain is just perfect for hitting the throttle and tearing across the hills and rivers. With so many natural driving lines built right into the geography, Highlands needs to be raced on.

Since Highlands lacks the complete Forge pallet found in Tempest or Forge World, I decided to use checkpoints to direct the flow of traffic. This allowed me to take a more “open world” approach to designing the track layout. Several sections of the map are used more than once, by creating a circuit that doubles back on itself. This creates some intense intersections as drivers at various points in the race cross paths with each other.

As I was designing the layout for Highlands Death Race, it became clear to me that this was not going to be a track for focused, competative racing. This track was going to be about pure chaotic fun. Therefore, it needed explosions!

I created several explosive hazards across the track. They cranked up the adrenaline levels a bit, but without the risk of falling off the road, there was still something missing. The explosive fusion cores would bounce drivers around a bit, but I wanted to crank things up a notch. So, I hit the custom game options.

The “Death Race” game type was born. It works exactly the same as the standard Race game type, except you and your mongoose are very much destructable. Making the player vulnerable was exactly what this track needed. There is a hilarious tension that builds as a pack of racers approach any of the explosive hazards, with everyone nervousely wondering if they’ll be able to make it through safely. But hey, if destructability isn’t your thing, Highlands Death Race works just fine with the standard Race game type as well.

Download Highlands Death Race, grab a group of friends, and take it for a spin. You’ll have fun. I promise.


6 Responses to Highlands Death Race

  1. MASSAIKUR says:

    heads up I’ll be using this track in Haloside 066 and 067 🙂

  2. Joey Q says:

    BTW you missed the E and the end of “fine” in the second to last paragraph.

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  5. THOMAS YAMAMOTO [xbox = ii2Slo4Yo] says:

    Hey, CruelL – Awesome vid n soundtrack. It ROCKS!!! Drive it ’til wheels fall off!!! (Yea Techno!) Be kool, T.

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