Coastline Racetrack

CruelLEGACEY Productions presents the Coastline Racetrack.

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  • 1-16 players (8-12 players recommended).
  • Race gametype compatible.
  • Noble Map Pack DLC Required.

After completing the Legacy Racetrack, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do for my next Halo Reach Forge creation. I quickly decided to do another race track, since it would give me the opportunity to build and expand upon the techniques I began to learn with Legacy. Selecting a location was also easy. With its crystal-blue waters and golden beaches, Tempest is by far my favorite multiplayer map in Halo Reach. It also comes equipped with a complete Forge palette, which would provide me with plenty of construction options. Next, I chose a name: Coastline.

I wanted Coastline to have a different focus than Legacy. Legacy was about the thrill of all-terrain driving, and taking players across the many breathtaking locations within Forge World. Coastline would be about the track.

Tempest has some fantastic natural terrain, so I knew I would be able to sneak in some great off-road action as well. That’s actually where I began to design the course layout. I jumped in a mongoose and just drove around Tempest, experimenting with different routes, slowly building an idea of a driving line that felt good. The difficult part came when I started to build the elevated sections of the track.

I built several rough track layouts suspended above ground level. After creating a layout, I would play test it to see how the turns felt, then go back and make adjustments. This was the single most time-consuming phase of the project. Once I settled on a layout, I ripped the entire thing apart and built a more polished version.

I took great care while building Coastline to make the roadways as smooth and seamless as possible. With the nuances of the turns being so important, the last thing I want is for drivers to be bouncing off joints in the road! I’m particularly happy with the jump at the peak of the track…. Don’t look down!

With construction complete, I added a few decorative elements to help give each section of the track a visual identity. Everything was coming together smoothly, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the track needed a little something extra to set it apart.

Then, it hit me. I realized exactly what Coastline needed…


Being a huge fan of Mario Kart, I fully appreciate what some good old-fashioned explosive hazards can do to add some excitement to a racetrack. I created hazards around the track, involving Fusion Cores, Man Cannons, and Gravity. Don’t worry, there aren’t any particularly punishing traps, and you can usually see the explosives coming with plenty of time to avoid them. Still, I think there will be some hilarious saved films as a result 🙂

The final addition to the track came in the form a starting block. During playtests, I kept running into the problem of some players loading the map slightly faster than others, thus getting a slight head start over players with slightly slower connections. I needed to come up with a way to hold drivers in place for a few seconds at the start of the race, just long enough to make sure all players have loaded the map and can begin the race at the same time. I’m very pleased with the solution I ended up with 🙂

Drivers are held in place as the map loads by barrier walls in front of each row of spawn points. After a few seconds, a platform appears under the drivers, elevating them above the barriers and signaling the start of the race.

The Coastline Racetrack is the product of a great deal of time and effort, both from me and a fantastic group of testers who helped me refine and polish the track. My article covering the Coastline test sessions can be found here. Thanks again to everyone who helped with the test process… I owe you one!

So what are you waiting for? Download the track, recommend it to your friends, and start racing already!

Coastline Racetrack Download

Coastline Videos Page

Coastline Screenshots Page

Coastline Racetrack Reviews Page


14 Responses to Coastline Racetrack

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  12. CruelLEGACEY says:

    Here’s TheArkangel94’s review of the Coastline Racetrack, as seen on his YouTube Channel:

    You asked me for constructive criticism,but there`s very little to criticize. I`m not going to let you sell yourself short. Not even a little bit.

    First off,this is the first map I`ve reviewed where the canvas map is not Forgeworld.
    Your track design is flawless. It runs with the existing terrain instead of cutting right through.
    The asthetics of this map left me speechless.
    Especially the area where you jump that’power line’. I have no complaints in the looks area.

    As far as criticism,the only thing I have to say negatively is what you yourself told me.
    -1 point:Get those kill zones fixed. You don`t want players anywhere they shouldn`t be.
    Other than that,absolutely amazing job.I hope every map you make is this good and better.





    Smoothness:10/10 (x2)

    Overall mapscore:9.8

    – TheArkangel94

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