Best Games of 2012: Number 2

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

The culmination of this generation’s greatest sci-fi franchise, Mass Effect 3 is a rare blend of superb storytelling, masterfully refined gameplay, and emotionally compelling characters. As the weight of saving earth (and the entire universe) bares down on Commander Sheppard, so to does the weight of successfully ending the Mass Effect trilogy come down on Bioware. But the Mass Effect team shows their maturity and strength as developers by creating an experience unlike any other in the games industry.

Mass Effect 3 does falter towards the end, as the rush to wrap up each and every relationship becomes more obvious. There is also the small matter of the game’s ending, which has polarized fans of the franchise to a significant degree (we discussed the ending of Mass Effect 3 in great detail in episode 13 of the Waypoint Community Modcast).  Still, Mass Effect 3 stands as a wonderful accomplishment and a fitting conclusion to an amazing trilogy.

Next up, my top game of 2012!



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