As a dedicated Halo fan since day 1, I’ve spent countless hours enjoying the worlds and characters Bungie has created with this franchinse. In 2008 I began to work on my first Halo montage… since then I’ve produced over 150 videos and montages, and hundreds of screenshots. Why? Because it’s fun!

With the growing success of my videos, and my expansion into the world of Forge creation, I have decided the time has come to give my projects a central home….

Welcome to CruelLEGACEYProductions.com!

I’ll be updating this site regularly with new content from Halo 4, Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and anything else I feel like.

In October 2011, CruelLEGACEY Productions also welcomed xExOp90x to the team as a contributing news editor. He’ll be helping to keep all of us up to date on the latest Halo news and updates. In May 2012, we also welcomed DayandKnightly to the team as the writer behind the Modcast Bulletins and other original content.

Ok, back to the website.

First up, there’s the Playtime tab. Playtime is my Halo Reach machinima series. I make the show completely by myself, including all the voice work, music, and body acting.

there’s the Video tab. Here you’ll find pages dedicated to The Fails of Reach (my Halo Reach montage series), a Halo Reach Videos page for my guides, tutorials, and trailers, the Halo 3 Montages page, and the Funny Clips page filled with short, bite sized fail videos for some quick laughs.

The Screenshot tab is filled with my favorite memories from Halo Reach, ODST, and Halo 3, available in beautiful hi-resolution for your downloading pleasure.

The Forge tab will lead you to my latest Halo Reach Forge creations, with links to my Fileshare so you can download my maps and check them out.

Finally, there’s the Contact and Links tab, where you’ll find all the different ways to reach me, as well as a list of links to some of my favorite Halo related websites.

Take a look around and have some fun!