Renegades Episode 5: Fox in the Henhouse

From Nuclear Taco Productions:

This week, we find ourselves on the last episode of Season 1. This week’s episode will conclude the first season of Renegades, but it won’t be going away quietly. Last week’s episode was short on action, but this week’s episode more than makes up for it. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching this first season of Renegades as much as we enjoyed making it. And rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of the Renegades, they’ll be back.

Betrayal…..betrayal can happen in the blink of eye, out of nowhere, and it can blindside you. You go through life thinking you know someone, then one day they turn on you for their own selfish needs. While Creed searches for evidence of Kane’s continued existence, Grim reminisces on a previous mission he was on with Axe and the rest of his squad.

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