Playtime Season 4 Episode 1 – Image Gallery

Playtime S4E1 Image Gallery

Take a look at this all new collection of screenshots captured from the upcoming premier of Playtime Season 4.

Each time I create a new season of Playtime, I spend a great deal of time during early production crafting a visual style for the show. This covers everything from the architecture of my new Forge creations, to camera angles and framing, to color correction and visual tone.

While the premier of Playtime Season 4 is still a ways away, here’s a series of screenshots taken from Episode 1 of the new season. These shots are captured directly from the video, with no additional filtering or effects. Let me know what you think of Playtime’s new look in the comments below!

Playtime S4E1_1

Playtime S4E1_2

Playtime S4E1_3

Playtime S4E1_4

Playtime S4E1_5

Playtime S4E1_6

Playtime S4E1_7

Playtime S4E1_8

Playtime S4E1_9

You can follow Playtime news from all your favorite places. Stay tuned!

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