Playtime Season 4 Screen Test: Dungeon Tower

Playtime Season 4 Screen Test

Production of Playtime Season 4 has begun! This screenshot gallery features one of the new locations currently under construction; the Dungeon Tower.

Playtime S4 Test 8.ashx

Built atop the Forge World rock spire, the Dungeon Tower is meant to resemble the visual style of the Ascendant Tower from Playtime Season 2.

Playtime S4 Test 6.ashx

While the Dungeon Tower itself is not as large as the Ascendant Tower, it’s peak height is the same, thanks to the rock spire upon which it stands. Its upper antennas reach beyond the Forge World soft ceiling.

Playtime S4 Test 1.ashx

A path of structures and walkways spiral upwards from the base of the rock spire, leading to the Tower’s rear entrance.

Playtime S4 Test 9.ashx

The tower’s front door leads to a long catwalk extending high above the ocean, and a landing pad.

Playtime S4 Test 5.ashx  Playtime S4 Test 4.ashx

Playtime S4 Test 10.ashx  Playtime S4 Test 3.ashx  Playtime S4 Test 2.ashx

I’ll be posting more updates on Playtime Season 4 as production continues. If you have comments or suggestions for the Dungeon Tower, please post them below. I’d love to hear what you think!

In the meantime, you can catch up on previous episodes of Playtime here or by visiting


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