Playtime Season 3: “Enemy Territory” Trailer and Release Details

Playtime Season 3 is coming to Halo Waypoint, starting March 27!

I am excited to announce that Playtime Season 3 will be premiering on Tuesday, March 27 2012. Spanning 10 episodes and featuring more than 20 characters across 8 different locations, Season 3 is the biggest and best season of Playtime yet!

Just as I did with Season 2, I’ve teamed up with the wonderful people at Halo Waypoint to bring you every episode of Playtime Season 3. We will be releasing a new episode each week for 10 weeks in a row. All 10 episodes will be available on every version of Halo Waypoint: the website, mobile app, and Xbox 360 Dashboard app!

Each episode of Playtime Season 3 will also be released on the show’s official homepage:, simultaneously with each Waypoint release. The complete release schedule is available below.

Playtime Season 3 Release Schedule 


  • March 27: Episode 1
  • April 3: Episode 2
  • April 10: Episode 3
  • April 17: Episode 4
  • April 24: Episode 5
  • May 1: Episode 6
  • May 8: Episode 7
  • May 15: Episode 8
  • May 22: Episode 9
  • May 29: Episode 10

In the meantime, don’t forget to catch up on the previous seasons of Playtime.

In addition to the show itself, I also have an entire Gallery Page that features screenshots, music, and links to the custom forge maps featured in Playtime!

So stay tuned to Halo Waypoint and We’ve got a lot of great content coming over the course of the next few months!


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