Playtime Season 2 Remastered

It’s Playtime like you’ve never seen it before.

Playtime has quickly become one of the hottest machinima series around. Since the release of Season 2 on Halo Waypoint, Playtime has has exploded in popularity. To everyone who has watched, shared, and enjoyed the show, I give you my deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Now, the fun part. I wanted to do something special with Playtime Season 2. So here it is. The entire season, in 1 continuous video, remastered with a beautiful 1080p HD picture, and fully remixed audio. If you missed Playtime Season 2 the first time around, then this is definitely worth your time. If you have already watched Season 2, than this remastered version is the perfect excuse to watch it again! Playtime has never looked or sounded so good.


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