Halo Reach October Playlist Update

343 Industries has rolled out this months changes to the Halo Reach matchmaking playlists. Most of the adjustments are relatively minor, with one exception: the Title Update Beta playlist is now live.

Halo Reach received its first title update last month. The TU will allow 343 to customize the Reach multiplayer game engine, with the ultimate goal of recreating Halo CE’s gameplay for the release of Halo Anniversary. In effect, Reach players and Anniversary players will both be playing Reach’s online matchmaking… just 2 different versions of it.

Beyond the integration with Halo Anniversary, the Title Update has also given 343 the ability to make adjustments to Reach’s standard multiplayer mechanics. A full description of these changes can be found here.

Going back to October’s playlist update: The TU Beta playlist is a hopper designed to test out some of the gameplay changes that 343 may be implementing in the future. The playlist includes slayer games with no reticule bloom, for example. The particularly interesting thing about this title update is that all planned gameplay changes are adjustable. 343 can try out various tweaks in a playlist, and make changes if necessary.

I’ll be spending some time in the TU Beta playlist over the next couple of days. I’ll do a full write up with detailed impressions later in the week.


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