The Grif Cannon

Fans of Red vs Blue may remember Sarge’s brilliant plan to assault a heavily defended enemy base: Using spare parts from the Warthog, the Red team would construct a “Grif Cannon” and blow a Grif-shaped hole in the outer wall.

I liked the idea so much, I decided to build a Grif Cannon of my very own.


This video can also be found on my Halo Reach Videos page. If you want to try out the Grif Cannon for yourself, it can be found in my Fileshare.

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4 Responses to The Grif Cannon

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  2. L O'Neil says:


    Definately more testing required. Keep them coming 🙂

  3. RvB fan says:

    mmmmmm……………….needs more cowbell.

  4. NOKYARD says:


    ……..needs more Orange.

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