Mythic Contingency – Legendary / All Skulls On Video Walkthrough

CruelLEGACEY Productions presents the Mythic Contingency Video Guide!

This video is a complete walkthrough, with commentary, of the first mission from Halo Reach: Winter Contingency, played on the “Mythic” difficulty (Legendary, All Skulls On). Completing a ‘LASO’ run of any mission in Halo Reach requires a completely different approach to the game than a standard playthrough; many of the strategies we have come to rely on simply won’t work on Mythic!

If you’ve been struggling to complete a Mythic run, or are just dying to complete Bungie’s weekly challenge, than this video will help guide you through every single step of the mission in only 15 minutes! Ok, not really…. I make liberal use of the Fast Forward button to skip some of the mid-level filler, so the video is only 15 minutes long. The actual playthrough is closer to 25 minutes đŸ™‚

This video, and other Halo Reach guides and tutorials, can be found in the Halo Reach Videos page.


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8 Responses to Mythic Contingency – Legendary / All Skulls On Video Walkthrough

  1. ayat says:

    which one works better? single player or co-op?

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  3. Zippo says:

    This guide is Really good, but I am actually stuck with the last concussion elite. I got rid of the sword via assassination ( the sword fell off the balcony) and I tried to unload all the ammo for the plasma pistol I got, but seems to be resilient: should I be more accurate with the plasma gun as the video seems yo suggest or maybe should I try with the sword? If I do that the door is going to close , is then a new checkpoint available on the lower floor, near the medikit? ( to save and exit there in Cade of further “accident”)

  4. iplayhalo says:

    yeah this helped me and my sister get thru laso thanks

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  6. Blitz says:

    to complete the challange, must it be done solo or can u di it in co-op?

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